Reviewer Guide#


The reviewer guide is under development.


  • Assign relevant labels

  • Assign to relevant project board

  • Title: Is it using the 3-letter codes? Is it understandable?

  • Description: Is it understandable? Any related issues/PRs?

  • CI checks: approval for first-time contributors, any help needed with code/doc quality checks?

  • Merge conflicts


  • Unit testing: Are the code changes tested? Are the tests understandable? Are all changes covered by tests? We usually aim for a test coverage of at least 90%. Code coverage will be reported as part of the automated CI checks on GitHub and on the Codecov website.

  • Test changes locally: Does everything work as expected?

  • Deprecation warnings: Has the public API changed? Have deprecation warnings been added before making the changes?


  • Are the docstrings complete and understandable to users?

  • Do they follow the NumPy format and sktime conventions?

  • If the same parameter, attribute, return object or error is included elsewhere in sktime are the docstring descriptions as similar as possible

  • Does the online documentation render correctly with the changes?

  • Do the docstrings contain links to the relevant topics in the Glossary of Common Terms or User Guide?


If a Pull Request does not meet sktime’s documentation guide a reviewer should require the documentation be updated prior to approving the Pull Request.