load_UCR_UEA_dataset(name, split=None, return_X_y=True, return_type=None, extract_path=None)[source]#

Load dataset from UCR UEA time series archive.

Downloads and extracts dataset if not already downloaded. Data is assumed to be in the standard .ts format: each row is a (possibly multivariate) time series. Each dimension is separated by a colon, each value in a series is comma separated. For examples see sktime.datasets.data.tsc. ArrowHead is an example of a univariate equal length problem, BasicMotions an equal length multivariate problem.


Name of data set. If a dataset that is listed in tsc_dataset_names is given, this function will look in the extract_path first, and if it is not present, attempt to download the data from www.timeseriesclassification.com, saving it to the extract_path.

splitNone or str{“train”, “test”}, optional (default=None)

Whether to load the train or test partition of the problem. By default it loads both into a single dataset, otherwise it looks only for files of the format <name>_TRAIN.ts or <name>_TEST.ts.

return_X_ybool, optional (default=False)

it returns two objects, if False, it appends the class labels to the dataframe.

return_type: valid Panel mtype str or None, optional (default=None=”nested_univ”)

Memory data format specification to return X in, None = “nested_univ” type. str can be any supported sktime Panel mtype,

for list of mtypes, see datatypes.MTYPE_REGISTER for specifications, see examples/AA_datatypes_and_datasets.ipynb

commonly used specifications:

“nested_univ: nested pd.DataFrame, pd.Series in cells “numpy3D”/”numpy3d”/”np3D”: 3D np.ndarray (instance, variable, time index) “numpy2d”/”np2d”/”numpyflat”: 2D np.ndarray (instance, time index) “pd-multiindex”: pd.DataFrame with 2-level (instance, time) MultiIndex

Exception is raised if the data cannot be stored in the requested type.

extract_pathstr, optional (default=None)

the path to look for the data. If no path is provided, the function looks in sktime/datasets/data/. If a path is given, it can be absolute, e.g. C:/Temp or relative, e.g. Temp or ./Temp.

X: pd.DataFrame

The time series data for the problem with n_cases rows and either n_dimensions or n_dimensions+1 columns. Columns 1 to n_dimensions are the series associated with each case. If return_X_y is False, column n_dimensions+1 contains the class labels/target variable.

y: numpy array, optional

The class labels for each case in X, returned separately if return_X_y is True, or appended to X if False


>>> from sktime.datasets import load_UCR_UEA_dataset
>>> X, y = load_UCR_UEA_dataset(name="ArrowHead")