all_tags(estimator_types=None, as_dataframe=False)[source]#

Get a list of all tags from sktime.

Retrieves tags directly from _tags, offers filtering functionality.

estimator_types: string, list of string, optional (default=None)

Which kind of estimators should be returned. - If None, no filter is applied and all estimators are returned. - Possible values are ‘classifier’, ‘regressor’, ‘transformer’ and ‘forecaster’ to get estimators only of these specific types, or a list of these to get the estimators that fit at least one of the types.

as_dataframe: bool, optional (default=False)

if False, return is as described below; if True, return is converted into a pandas.DataFrame for pretty display

tags: list of tuples (a, b, c, d),

in alphabetical order by a a : string - name of the tag as used in the _tags dictionary b : string - name of the scitype this tag applies to

must be in _base_classes.BASE_CLASS_SCITYPE_LIST

cstring - expected type of the tag value
should be one of:

“bool” - valid values are True/False “int” - valid values are all integers “str” - valid values are all strings (“str”, list_of_string) - any string in list_of_string is valid (“list”, list_of_string) - any individual string and sub-list is valid

d : string - plain English description of the tag