Utility functions#

sktime has a number of modules dedicated to utilities:

  • sktime.datatypes, which contains utilities for data format checks and conversion.

  • sktime.registry, which contains utilities for estimator and tag search.

  • sktime.utils, which contains generic utility functions.

Data Format Checking and Conversion#


Module exports: data type definitions, checks, validation, fixtures, converters.

convert_to(obj, to_type[, as_scitype, …])

Convert object to a different machine representation, subject to scitype.

convert(obj, from_type, to_type[, …])

Convert objects between different machine representations, subject to scitype.

check_raise(obj, mtype[, scitype, var_name])

Check object for compliance with mtype specification, raise errors.

check_is_mtype(obj, mtype[, scitype, …])

Check object for compliance with mtype specification, return metadata.

check_is_scitype(obj, scitype[, …])

Check object for compliance with scitype specification, return metadata.

mtype(obj[, as_scitype, exclude_mtypes])

Infer the mtype of an object considered as a specific scitype.

scitype(obj[, candidate_scitypes, …])

Infer the scitype of an object.

mtype_to_scitype(mtype[, return_unique, …])

Infer scitype belonging to mtype.

scitype_to_mtype(scitype[, softdeps])

Return list of all mtypes belonging to scitype.

Estimator Search and Retrieval, Estimator Tags#


Implements registry for sktime estimator base classes and tags.

all_estimators([estimator_types, …])

Get a list of all estimators from sktime.

all_tags([estimator_types, as_dataframe])

Get a list of all tags from sktime.

check_tag_is_valid(tag_name, tag_value)

Check validity of a tag value.



Common timeseries plotting functionality.

plot_series(*series[, labels, markers, …])

Plot one or more time series.

plot_lags(series[, lags, suptitle])

Plot one or more lagged versions of a time series.

plot_correlations(series[, lags, alpha, …])

Plot series and its ACF and PACF values.

Estimator Validity Checking#


Estimator checker for extension.

check_estimator(estimator[, …])

Run all tests on one single estimator.