Welcome to sktime#

A unified framework for machine learning with time series.


sktime provides an easy-to-use, flexible and modular open-source framework for a wide range of time series machine learning tasks. It offers scikit-learn compatible interfaces and model composition tools, with the goal to make the ecosystem more usable and interoperable as a whole. We build and sustain an open, diverse and self-governing community, welcoming new contributors from academia and industry through instructive documentation, mentoring and workshops.


sktime features a unified interface for multiple time series learning tasks. Currently, we support forecasting, time series classification, time series regression and time series clustering. We have experimental support for time series annotation.


  • API for machine learning with time series, for the purpose of specifying, fitting, applying and validating machine learning models

  • Interactive user experience with scikit-learn like syntax conventions

Technical specification:

  • In-memory computation of a single machine, no distributed computing

  • Medium-sized data in pandas and NumPy

  • Modular, principled and object-oriented API

  • Making use of interactive Python interpreter, no command-line interface or graphical user interface


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