Developer Guide#

Welcome to sktime’s developer guide!


The developer guide is under development. We welcome contributions! For more details, please go to #464.

New developers should:

  • sign up to the developer Discord (see link in README) and say hello in the #contributors channel

  • install a development version of sktime, see Installation

  • set up CI tests locally and ensure they know how to check them remotely, see Testing and continuous integration

  • get familiar with the git workflow (Git and GitHub workflow) and coding standards (Coding standards)

  • feel free, at any point in time, to post questions on Discord, or ask core developers for help (see here for a list of core developers)

  • feel free to join the collaborative coding sessions for pair programming or getting help on developer set-up

Further special topics are listed below.

sktime follows scikit-learn’s API whenever possible. If you’re new to scikit-learn, take a look at their getting-started guide. If you’re already familiar with scikit-learn, you may still learn something new from their developers’ guide.