Time series alignment#

The sktime.alignment module contains time series aligners, such as dynamic time warping aligners.

All time series aligners in sktime can be listed using the sktime.registry.all_estimators utility, using estimator_types="aligner", optionally filtered by tags. Valid tags can be listed using sktime.registry.all_tags.

Naive aligners#


Naive strategies for multiple alignment.

Dynamic time warping#

AlignerDTW([dist_method, step_pattern, ...])

Aligner interface for dtw-python.

AlignerDTWfromDist(dist_trafo[, ...])

Aligner interface for dtw-python using pairwise transformer.

AlignerDtwNumba([weighted, derivative, ...])

Interface to sktime native dtw aligners, with derivative or weighting.


Alignment path based on lucky dynamic time warping distance.

Edit distance based aligners#

AlignerEditNumba([distance, window, ...])

Interface to sktime native edit distance aligners.