load_from_ucr_tsv_to_dataframe(full_file_path_and_name, return_separate_X_and_y=True)[source]#

Load data from a .tsv file into a Pandas DataFrame.

full_file_path_and_name: str

The full pathname of the .tsv file to read.

return_separate_X_and_y: bool

true then X and Y values should be returned as separate Data Frames ( X) and a numpy array (y), false otherwise. This is only relevant for data.

DataFrame, ndarray

If return_separate_X_and_y then a tuple containing a DataFrame and a numpy array containing the relevant time-series and corresponding class values.


If not return_separate_X_and_y then a single DataFrame containing all time-series and (if relevant) a column “class_vals” the associated class values.