load_solar(start='2021-05-01', end='2021-09-01', normalise=True, return_full_df=False, api_version='v4')[source]#

Get national solar estimates for GB from Sheffield Solar PV_Live API.

This function calls the Sheffield Solar PV_Live API to extract national solar data for the GB electricity network. Note that these are estimates of the true solar generation, since the true values are “behind the meter” and essentially unknown.

The returned time series is half hourly. For more information please refer to [1, 2]_.

startstring, default=”2021-05-01”

The start date of the time-series in “YYYY-MM-DD” format

endstring, default=”2021-09-01”

The end date of the time-series in “YYYY-MM-DD” format

normaliseboolean, default=True

Normalise the returned time-series by installed capacity?

return_full_dfboolean, default=False

Return a pd.DataFrame with power, capacity, and normalised estimates?

api_versionstring or None, default=”v4”

API version to call. If None then a stored sample of the data is loaded.


The solar generation time-series, as requested by parameters, see above



>>> from sktime.datasets import load_solar  
>>> y = load_solar()