Authors of the object, GitHub IDs.

Part of packaging metadata for the object.

  • String name: "authors"

  • Public metadata tag

  • Values: string or list of strings

  • Example: ["benheid", "fkiraly", "yarnabrina"]

  • Example 2: "fkiraly"

  • Default: "sktime developers"

The authors tag of an object is a string or list of strings, each string being a GitHub handle of an author of the object.

Authors are credited for the original implementation of the object, and contributions to the object.

In case of light wrappers around third or second party packages, author credits should include authors of the wrapped object.

Authors are not necessarily maintainers of the object, and do not need to be tagged on issues and PRs related to the object.

Authors are given prominent visibility in the object’s metadata, and in automatically generated documentation.

To find an algorithm’s authors, use get_tag("authors") on the object, or use the search function in the estimator overview.